iBox Trac-Mate is a live web based track and trace solution with a full reporting suite including custom email alerts. For extra peace of mind, iBox Trac-Mate does not rely on the vehicle ignition being on to provide a live vehicle location and will not drain the vehicle battery. Trac-Mate can be combined with a Garmin SatNav which includes free two way messaging .

iBox Eco-Mate is combines live web based Canbus interface with our Trac-mate technology to provide a full management system. iBox easy to use reporting suite allows you to view live and stored data and compile concise vehicle reports including MPG, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, excessive idling and more. We put you in charge of your fleet fuel consumption by giving you complete visibility of fuel consumption and driver behaviour .

iBox Tacho-Mate is live link to vehicle digital tachograph unit enabling driver ID and remote download of driver data. The system also has the capability to give live exception reports if a driver exceeds his daily hours etc. Using our intuitive web based reporting suite from your PC .

iBox Weigh-Mate on board, on line, live, paperless bin identification and weighing system specifically designed for refuse collection vehicles. The system uses RFID technology to identify the unit being lifted and records and transmits weight , location , date and time .It can be used in conjunction with a route planning system to identify failed collections . The system can also be used to monitor GVW to remotely monitor vehicle overloading .

iBox Check-Mate on board, on line, live, paperless tool and stock checking system. This system uses barcode or RFID technology to check stock on or off the vehicle at POD. It can also be used as an inventory check for on board tool or plant checks for utilities or safety related on board items ( Fire Service) .The system can also be used for driver daily walk around vehicle checks with any exception reports being sent directly to the fleet manager via email .

iBox Check-Mate on board, on line, live, paperless driver and vehicle safety check system. Using the bar code reader the driver will have to carry out his normal daily checks. The daily check is the available to view live on line via our reporting system .

iBox Tele-Mate on board, on line, live, Telephone system with fully controllable phone book and auto answer hands free system .

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