Return on investment that surpasses expectations

Many tracking systems allow operations managers to see “the dots on the map” to monitor the fleet. But what if you also want to see yesterday’s dots, the routes, the breaks, the calls made, the fuel efficiency, the driver details - and so on…? In other words - accurate, real time information to support business decisions at the touch of a button, allowing you to simultaneously reduce cost and improve service levels, creating real competitive advantage. Through digital and analogue input/output ports, the system can also be connected to door sensors, temperature sensors, seat sensors, start interrupter, barcode scanning, driver identification, etc – meaning the system is as flexible and intelligent as you need it to be.
With the potential to significantly decrease your cost base and enable strategic business decision making, iBox delivers return on investment to surpass expectations:

• Reduce fuel costs
• Reduce emissions, thereby minimising carbon footprint
• Improve fleet efficiency
• Improved fleet visibility and business agility
• Cut unnecessary overtime costs
• Improve customer satisfaction through more accurate and proactive delivery schedule information
• Protect mobile assets via 24/7 tracking and access restriction to authorised personnel only
• Reduce equipment and employee liability insurance premiums through better vehicle protection and compliance with duty of care legislation
• Mitigate against shrinkage using strategically located door sensors to monitor opening against scheduled deliveries, and to safeguard load
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If you’re driven to find a practical, easy-to-use, affordable and easily financed system to optimize your fleet management, you’ve come to the right place....

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